Who runs and supports “Foi et vie Réformées?

“Reformed Faith and Life” is an interdenominational response to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Matt. 28: 18-20). A Reformed Radio Administration Committee based in North America oversees this ministry, in collaboration with the Rietvallei Reformed Church in South Africa.

This R.R.A.C consists of several churches or denominations (R.C.U.S., U.R.Cs., inter alia.) which adhere strictly to creeds and confessions of faith of the Reformation. Rev. Eric Kayayan, from Rietvallei Reformed Church, is the broadcasting minister: among other activities, he writes and records the radio programmes, and sends them to the various radio stations which are interested in broadcasting them.

He also corresponds personally with listeners who ask to receive the printed texts of these broadcasts. If you are interested in joining or supporting this common effort, write to , or to Rev.Mark van der Hart, at

Our American address is:
Reformed Faith & Life
P.O. Box 112
IL 60438


The RRAC is the Administration Committee which supervises the activities of “Reformed Faith and Life-French”. It was founded in 1998 in order to promote the idea of broadcasting the Gospel not only in the French language, but also later in other languages, when funds will allow it. Article 4 of its by-laws states: “The primary purpose of the Reformed Radio Administration Committee shall be to carry out worldwide mission radio broadcasts of the Biblical Christian Gospel, using the historic Reformed and Presbyterian creeds to define our understanding of the Gospel. The broadcasts will be done in the major languages of the target populations”.

The RRAC is a legal entity registered in the United States as a part of a non-profit organization.

At the moment, The Reformed Church in the United States (RCUS), the broadcast ministry of “Christians for Armenia”, several representatives of congregations from the United Reformed Chruches (URC) as well as Rietvallei Reformed Church in South Africa, are members of the RRAC. Other churches sharing the same creeds and vision for the mission through the radio, are welcome to join the RRAC.

For more information, write to the chairman of the RRAC, Rev. Keith Davis. (RCUS) at:

Role of Rietvallei Reformed Church

Rev. Kayayan is a full-time missionary of Rietvallei congregation which called him for this specific ministry in 2002. The Church Council of Rietvallei Reformed Church exercizes oversight on the work of “Foi et Vie Réformées” assessing regularly the progress of this ministry, as well as the needs or problems encountered. A commission of the Church Council assists Rev. Kayayan for structural questions, and a small service group made of members of the congregation provides practical help on various issues. Secretarial help comes from outside the congregation. The Church Council corresponds with the Reformed Radio Administration Committee in North America about any topic or issue relevant to the radio ministry.

Where does our income come from and how do we spend it?

We depend entirely from donations made by churches, organizations or individual believers wanting to get actively involved in evangelism. Churches which are part of Reformed Faith and Life donate on a regular base, others episodically only.

Our expenses involve buying air time on radio stations (click on Radio programmes if you want to know where we are currently on the air). We also have large consignments of printed texts to send abroad. All the material which we distribute (bibles, books, printed texts etc.) is sent for free to our correspondents, most of them living in Third World countries.

Audio and video recordings are made  from home with our own equipment. We need resources to maintain our two websites ( and  We try to limit our office expenses to the minimum, so as to launch more projects with the limited funds at our disposal.

Our bank account is at ABSA Bank, Menlyn, Pretoria , Rep. of South Africa (name: Reformed Faith and Life; branch Menlyn; account number: 40-4878 6755)